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$5.00 to Drought Angels from the Lifeblood Album (digital download)* and from the Lifeblood Album Download Code cards sold at TCMF2020 & other gigs that can be downloaded or gifted to another person)*

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Water is “the Lifeblood of this Country, at the heart of all we know……” The song was written by Myself and my partner Lorraine, after growing increasingly concerned at the water mismanagement and distressing circumstances our Australian farmers and communities were experiencing from drought in the country.  We have donated to the fires, animals and drought however wanted to do something more.  With your help we can all do a little more for those suffering from drought and while listening to the song/s you will be reminded that you too helped another family in need.

Why Drought Angels? They are angels, providing compassionate and practical assistance and ensuring that help gets to those who need it.  They know what is required and work with a wonderful team of volunteers to help so many Aussie Farmers.  You can see what they do here and please give them a like and follow on their Facebook page.

Thank you for contributing.


* This fundraising activity is formally approved by Drought Angels for Lorraine Baker/Lemonjuice Music Pty Ltd acting on behalf of the co-writers of Lifeblood (Lorraine Baker/GlennBidmead) and artist Glenn Bidmead for sales, as specified above, during the Tamworth Country Music Festival and any gigs in Sydney or on-tour during the period 14/1/2020 to 31/1/2020.  If successful, the initiative may be extended for a further period. 

Tamworth Country Music Festival 2020
is fast approaching.

I’m really looking forward to this one. Yes, there’s been drought, there’s been fires and Tamworth are on water restrictions HOWEVER, they and all the towns in the region on the way there need your support and business and happy faces! Let’s not let them down. And, they’ve been getting some rain. (Lifeblood)

Check out my gig page or Facebook page events for details of where I’ll be appearing plus I’m really pleased that I’ve been selected as a finalist in the Fretfest Regional Songwriting Competition. It’d be great to see you there in the audience on Saturday 25th on the Fanzone Stage from 6.00pm.

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